Day: September 26, 2019

Credit Card

Save Money on Fuel Purchasing Through Your Credit Card

The dependence of foreign imports for crude oil in India grew to 83.7% in the financial year 2018-19 from 82.9% in the previous year. The constant growth of dependency is alarming as the price of fuel is also on a continuous rise. Hence, to counter this constant rise in the price, individuals are required to […]

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You must use ketomac shampoo for dandruff to solve the problem of dandruff. In order to make your hairs look clean and healthy, free of every problem you must use a medicated shampoo


There are so many medicated shampoos available in the market to deal with the hair related issues. There are varieties of medicated shampoo, creams, oils, and lotions are available in the market. People are facing so many hair related issues nowadays like the problem of dandruff, oily hairs, etc. Dandruff is a common problem faced […]

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