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13 Latest Cold Shoulder Kurti Designs For Women

13 Latest Cold Shoulder Kurti Designs For Women

It is practically impossible to say something fundamentally new about fashionable clothing in the successful third millennium that has not already been said. The phenomenon of “fashion and trend” in today’s sense appears with the Renaissance when the aesthetic aspect of clothing gains the upper hand, and its critical analysis, especially from the positions of structuralism, phenomenology, and Marxism-inspired directions of social sciences, has existed in the world for at least a century. Despite its external variability, fashion works on the same principles as at the time of its creation. The sociological view has the advantage that it can look away from the small nuances of speech and focus on general principles, which are, in spite of the innovations brought to today’s society, especially in the field of technology, basically stable.

At the thought of Indian clothing, the Bollywood and Aladdin films immediately come to mind. The colorful suits that most of the unmarried girls in India wear and the figure-hugging saris that show the women’s bodies and put them in the scene. The Indian garments are known for their blaze of color and their unusual design. They reflect the country’s zest for life and present Indian culture.

The best Indian garments are usually intricately wrapped around the body, from head to toe. Care is taken with the robes that they provide shade and that the skin is not illuminated by the sun. One of the most famous garments of Indian culture includes the Suit and Salwar just after the iconic and world-famous Indian Saree.

Clothing trends are all about making a statement. And when we talk about Kurtis, cold shoulder design is something that is ruling the Indo-western fashion world. The cut-out effect at the shoulders gives a really amazing look. You will admire its style and look. If it’s hard for you to choose some cold shoulder Kurtis for yourself, explore some latest styles:

  • Indo-Western Kurti In Black Colour

A straight kurti with the ethnic and modern touch of cold shoulder looks amazing. The cold shoulder makes your kurti perfect for all the events and occasions. You can choose it with some silver or golden print on the front side. Pair it with heels and leggings and make it look perfect.

  • Black And White Cold Shoulder Kurti With Pockets And Tassel Work

Zebra prints are loved by everyone because of its contemporary touch. If you want to add more fun to that attire, simply choose for asymmetrical Kurti design with tassels, zebra print, pockets, and different shoulder design. You will admire its comfort and flowy touch. Leggings suit the best with these Kurtis.

  • Cold Shoulder Kurti With Patchwork Design

Just like the check design, the patchwork is another most preferable style of prints. It gives the illusion where so many different fabrics are attached together, rather in reality it’s just a print. You can choose the straight kurti with such pattern. To balance your overall look, you can choose plain and sober legging with it.

  • Timeless Anarkali In Black Colour

Looking for something minimalistic and comfortable? Pick up a black Anarkali Kurti with cold shoulder design. It looks amazing because the Anarkali is covered and the cold shoulder design will help you to show off your skin. You choose its pattern or border according to your preference.

  • Umbrella Kurti With Cold Shoulder Pattern

If you are looking for something elegant and flowy that will keep you away from hot weather, simply choose the umbrella-style Kurti. When this kurtis are chosen with the cold shoulder design, it starts looking quite modern. Such Kurtis looks great with pom-pom across the sides.

  • Denim Kurtis With Cold Shoulder Pattern

Denim Kurtis are admired by everyone as it has a perfect western touch. It looks elegant, beautiful, and ethnic and seems to be the best combination of all time. The cold shoulder pattern makes it look even cooler. You can choose its design according to your choice. The plain leggings and jeggings look amazing with it.

  • Cold Shoulder Kurti With Abstract Check Prints

line Kurti with an abstract checked pattern gives a perfect casual look. Check pattern is very in nowadays and so are the cold shoulder design. When these two are combined together, it becomes totally amazing. You will admire its aesthetics and elegance. Make sure to choose a lighter color bottom with such Kurtis.

  • Netty Printed Cold Shoulder Kurti

Net Kurti with cold shoulder design looks different and beautiful. These are affordable and gives a modern touch. You can choose such Kurtis in dark color and with beautiful prints. Such Kurtis looks perfect with leggings, jeggings, and jeans. It will be perfect for parties and festivals.

  • Off White Cold Shoulder Kurtis With The Leafy Pattern

The off white Kurtis with leafy pattern looks really beautiful. This pattern mostly found in pink color. You can choose it with pom-pom balls. It’s very easy to find such Kurtis with different neck and back designs. All these things make your cold shoulder Kurti perfect. Pair it with leggings.

  • Navy Blue Cold Shoulder Kurti With Silver Borders

Navy blue is known for its party vibes and when the silver metallic border is added to it, it becomes even more energetic. You can choose the amount of silverwork according to your preference. The best part is that this Kurtis will be perfect for all occasions and suits every skin tone.

  • Cotton Kalamkari Cold Shoulder Kurti

The cotton Kurti with kalamkari pattern looks very traditional. When these are stitched with a cold shoulder pattern, it becomes modern. You can choose it in the butterfly style and black lining. The innovative slit and cold shoulder pattern make a great combination.

  • Black Cold Shoulder Kurti With Yellow Floral Print

The dark Kurti with vibrant floral print and the cold shoulder looks really beautiful. It mostly looks great on the straight kurta. You can choose such Kurti with quarter sleeves. Pair these Kurtis with white leggings to maintain a balance.

  • Mustard Cold Shoulder Kurti

Mustard color is very in right now because of its aesthetic pattern. You can choose the Kurti with little prints or work. Again, white leggings will look great with these Kurtis. Get it without any slit as this design is again very beautiful.

So now, you can choose from these cold shoulder Kurtis and enjoy its look.

Best fabrics for Kurtis

  • Len

Len is a durable fabric, it has a little elasticity and it provides good heat conductivity. The wet strength of flax increases by up to 20%. Flax products have a cold feel, tolerate frequent washing well, but have a strong tendency to crease. You will never be hot in a linen summer Kurtis. Often in the manufacture of clothing it is combined with viscose to add elasticity.

  • Cotton

Cotton comes from the fruit of the Cotton bush and it has good tensile and abrasion strength. Cotton is really absorbent due to its liquid absorbing properties. Cotton is very pleasant to the touch. One of the main reasons for the high consumption of cotton in the world is the very favorable ratio of the overall useful properties to the price of Kurti. One of the disadvantages is creases and often pilling. Cotton is suitable for summer clothing, so it is very often used to make dresses and Kurtis.

How to Check the Fabric of the Kurti?

We must admit that by looking only at the type, color, size, and other similar parameters, we risk being disappointed every time. The quality of the fabric is sometimes more important because it can be the source of your comfort, or discomfort when wearing. Therefore, there are several ways to reassure yourself of the good quality of a Kurti before purchasing.

All fabrics are not approached the same way, but thanks to a few techniques you will be able to differentiate the good from the bad quality. You can therefore the quality of the Kurti:

– by trying it on: wear the Kurti with salwar or leggings for about 10 minutes. And if the seams turn, it is a sign that the fabric is not suitable for the cut.

– by smelling it: if it gives off a sour odor, it means that the dye is of poor quality, you will sweat a lot inside, and the color will go away quickly.

– by touching it: cotton, for example, must wrinkle and smooth out quickly to prove that it is very good and resistant to wear. If by squeezing it a little in your hand it does not happen, then it is fragile.

– by rubbing it on a piece of paper to see if it rubs off.

– by looking at it closely to check that no wire is pulling or sticking out.

– turning it over: to check that the reverse side is as neat as the right side.

So, finally, in the end, I will suggest you buy your favorite cold shoulder Kurti from the best shop and provider and don’t forget to check the fabric.


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