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10 Easy Tips to Stencil an Accent Wall Like A Pro

10 Easy Tips to Stencil an Accent Wall Like A Pro

Not a big fan of the limited customisation option that modern wallpapers offer? Looking for a fun way to decorate your walls so that they embody your interests and tastes?

Wall stencils are having a moment in 2022 and we are here for it. You can now decorate an accent wall in your home in trendy and whimsical designs and patterns that will leave your guests gawking when they enter your abode.

Clueless about how to use a wall stencil? We have got you covered. Here is a brief guide that will help you become a pro at stencil art.

  1. Choose a design 

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a pattern to stencil on your walls. Modern stencils come in a wide range of wall designs from geometric, mandala, and woven textures to tropical designs. Head over to the Asian Paints website if you are looking for ethnic, floral, geometric and other trendy stencil designs for your accent walls, ceilings and borders.

  1. Pick a wall

If you are a beginner, then it is recommended that you first try to stencil a small area before you go all out and paint a large wall. Pay attention to the wall and decide whether it needs to be painted. If the wall is in good condition, then you just need to thoroughly clean the surface before you begin your stencil wall painting project.

  1. Stick the stencil 

Use painter’s tape and stick the stencil on the accent wall that you intend to decorate. Make sure that the stencil is placed in a straight line and it isn’t tilted.

  1. Mark registration points 

Before you begin painting, you must mark the four registration points of the stencil so that when you move it, you would know where to place it next.

  1. Paint away 

You need to be careful that the paint doesn’t bleed through the stencil and ruin the pattern. A smart thing to do is to avoid using a paint brushing and instead use the dry brush method. In this method, you simply dap your brush or roller against the stencil openings.

  1. Hold the stencil 

You must hold your stencil properly so that you get clean and sharp paint lines when you are using a dry brush method.

  1. Move and repeat 

Move your stencil keeping in mind the registration points and repeat the pattern throughout the accent wall. Make sure that the stencil is placed correctly so that you get an evenly stencilled accent wall.

  1. Choose metallic paints

A pro tip to make your wall look luxurious and chic is to choose a muted colour wall as a base and then use metallic paint colour to stencil on the wall. This will make the metallic wall design the showstopper in the room.

  1. Don’t forget the edges 

If you want your stencil wall painting to resemble wallpaper, then extend the wall design to the wall edges. This will create a smooth and seamless look and elevate the overall aesthetics of the room.

  1. Clean the stencil 

Clean your stencil every so often either by wiping it with a cloth or washing it with warm soapy water. This will help you avoid getting paint smears on the walls and do a neat painting job. If you decide to wash the stencil, then make sure that it dries completely before you use them again, otherwise you will ruin your wall art.

Stencil wall painting gives you the liberty to choose your own hues, patterns and the final look of your wall. Stencilling is also a fun, creative and soothing DIY project that you can do with your kids, friends or family.

Looking for a place to buy contemporary stencil designs? Browse through the carefully curated range of stencil designs at Asian Paints that will help you create unique wall designs that best reflects your personality.


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